IN THE NAME OF GOD who created all human beings equal in rights, duties and dignity, and who has called them to live together as brothers and sisters, to fill the earth and make known the values of goodness, love and peace;

We, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Indigenous Peoples, in unity with other women and men of faith, implore Your Divine Blessing and Healing to help us overcome this coronavirus pandemic.

We sincerely acknowledge our shortcomings and deeply sorry for our commission of acts and omission of duties inimical, discriminatory, and destructive to our fellow human beings, the environment, and to World harmony, justice, and peace.

As we mourn with deep sadness the untimely passing of the countless victims of COVID-19 virus, we beseech Your divine love to grant them eternal peace.

As our hearts cry out for the sick and the infirm caused by this pandemic, may Your divine healing restore them to health and well-being.

As we admire the courage and bravery of our frontliners – the medical staff and health-care providers, the sanitation-workers, producers and facilitators for the provision of basic needs and services, and the people in charge of public order, safety and security – may Your divine protection strengthen their resolve to serve, nurture their courage, and safeguard them from contamination.

As we are down with sorrow for the poor, the destitute, the marginalized and those most in need who are the worst affected during this time of crisis, may Your divine command touch us, especially those living in abundance and of means, to help them.

As we are in urgent search for cure, may Your divine wisdom guide our scientists and medical researchers to discover the therapeutic remedies in no time.

As we deplore the acts of injustice and violence happening in the world, may Your divine justice move states and international communities to lift economic sanctions and embargoes, to address violent extremism, and repeal all hostile policies against individuals, communities, nations, and the environment.

In joyful hope, we commit ourselves in unity as Your instruments in addressing this pandemic through the culture of dialogue as our path, mutual cooperation as our code of conduct, and reciprocal understanding as the standard of practice.

Together in solemn prayer, as we entrust to you all our cares and supplications, we commit to fast and perform works of charity as we steadfastly seek Your divine mercy, love and compassion that we may overcome this COVID-19 pandemic in Your own time.