We are facing difficult times—unprecedented in the history of modern man. The coronavirus crisis is a huge challenge for the people of the world that is affecting all of us. It has disrupted our normal way of life and has caused grief and suffering to those who are ill, to those dying, to those who mourn. But at the same time, it gives inspiration shining through the bravery and courage of our health professionals and frontliners who provide care to the very best of their abilities.

This pandemic gave us the opportunity to distance ourselves from the daily grind of our busy life and renewed the love and fellowship of our family in the confines of our home. It is also a time for us to reflect in the silence of our hearts the deeper meaning of this challenge and what the Lord our creator truly wants from us which is calling us to Faith, hope and love.

It is in this vein that we the family of Religions for Peace Philippines and our Uniharmony partners express our solidarity with people of all Faiths as we face the daunting challenge of the COVID 19 pandemic where all are called to serve and lead and to exercise patience, compassion and support to those afflicted with the virus. Together we can get out of this difficult situation. And may our Faith see us through this darkness that has covered the World.

Stay well!

Dr Lilian Sison

Secretary General, Religions for Peace Philippines